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Public Address System

Authorised Channel Partner of Commend International Austria

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In partnership with Commend International, Austria we distribute and integrate IP based communication systems from Commend and also manufacture PA and Talkback products with Commend parts inside. These state-of-the-art IP based communication systems offer unparalleled voice clarity, ease of wiring and installation, low power consumption and world class encryption.



Prioritizes between voice, music playback, playback of recorded message and other inputs based on user selection. It can be interfaced with Fire Alarm panel through a potential free contacts for playing emergency messages on high priority.

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User can upload 10 messages of max 60 second voice or custom messages to an SD card or optionally record manually on to a built in memory. The digital Voice recorder can be programmed to playback particular messages at particular times or at regular intervals. The Digital Voice Recorder interfaces to the priority module.


The Broadcast Scheduler contains real time clock, timers and sound recording and storing systems. User can schedule broadcasts of particular messages during specific timeslots in a day. The Broadcast Scheduler interfaces with the priority module or other OEM controllers.


Desk Telephone

This unit is interfaced with EPABX through a trunk line or extension lines to make an announcement from any extension telephone line which is connected to the same EPABX. That announcement can be transmitted to a single zone or multiple zones by selecting specified code. The accessibility of the system can programmed through EPABX to avoid unauthorised entry.


Many varieties of speakers including ceiling mount, wall mount, box speaker, column mount and horn speakers can be provided for various wattage ratings. Partnership with various OEMS like Bosch, Commend, Honeywell and others ensures supply of good quality long lasting speakers and amplifiers.

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